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Is that what you call it?

What does failure look like? Because I have often heard that "you have to fail a lot before you succeed," and I have never really settled in my head what that means. What counts as a failure? Does starting a shiny new blog and then immediately disappearing for weeks count as a failure? It certainly isn't what I intended to do, when I started the shiny new blog.

Having a new blog and a new domain were supposed to help goad me into writing more consistently, to help me carry through with my intention of becoming "a proper writer." I thought that starting this new blog thing would give the exercise of writing and publishing more weight, would help remind me and encourage me to do it. As it turns out, writing still takes a whole lot of intention and work. Having a new space to put the words in doesn't really lower the amount of intention+work needed for every new post.

I could easily feel ashamed of myself for "failing" to carry through with my intention to write and publish more often. In fact, I have been feeling ashamed of it. Never mind how sick I've been with anxiety-related nonsense for these silent weeks. I still wonder if I could have tried harder or should have done more. I wonder if not having done so counts as a fail.

It doesn't really matter, though. Because if the blog going dark for a few weeks is a "failure," then it's just one of the failures I apparently need to walk through before I will achieve success. And if it isn't actually a "failure," then shame over it is misplaced. Regardless, today I'd rather get on with the important part: making the words happen.