Stories from a life in progress.


It's been a while.

It is always hard to start writing again, when I have not been doing it. No matter what project, for what purpose, if I ever stop it is so hard to restart.

I have not been writing here in this blog, because my writing has all been elsewhere. It turns out that graduate school is pretty hard, but I have come through it. A month ago I earned my Master of Arts in Religion degree from Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, PA, after long, hard work on a lot of different writing projects (it turns out, writing a Master's thesis is hard - who knew?) Writing for this blog as well was a step too much. So the blog has rested while the graduate-school work went on.

Now school is done. Now I have my diploma, and no very clear idea at all of what comes next, but that work is all done.

Now there is different writing to do. There are new ideas (and some old ones) to draw out and examine, new (and old) questions to hold up into the light, plenty of truth to talk about and be glad in.

It's hard to restart this writing, having been away; it is hard to know what thing to say first, what makes for an appropriate re-beginning. But one thing I have learned (even if I try to ignore it sometimes) is that there is nothing to do but just start. However awkward or uncertain a start it is. So, this is it. An awkward and uncertain restart, so I can get on with what's to come.