Stories from a life in progress.

What I'm doing now (Part 2)

Early last week I had a conversation with my best friend and a sister-in-law (also a good friend) about school work, research, and writing papers.  "Boy, am I glad I don't have to do that anymore" was the consensus from both women.

On the other hand, as soon as I could after the end of the semester, I went back to school and dove into the library, pulling book after book off the shelves.  I'm pretty sure the place was deserted except for myself and the woman manning the front desk.  "Wow," she said when she saw the size of the stack I wanted to check out.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  I'm free as a bird for the summer, no classes at all, and I plan to spend the time researching and writing.

I know I'm an oddball, but that doesn't mean I won't have fun.

It's true:  I really enjoy the process of research.  I love learning things.  The feeling I get from making sense of something, in that moment when I UNDERSTAND, is one of my favorite things.

It's even more enjoyable when I can turn right around and tell someone else about what I've learned and see them get it too.  That's a double helping of fun for me.  So having free time to read and learn and write?  Sign me up, baby.

I'm not going to write formal research papers, though.  I'm going to write here on my blog, and not dry academic stuff, but work that's (I hope) easy to read and meaningful, like (I hope) everything I put up here.

This is my purpose for going to school in the first place, and it's become more clear to me as I do my class work, find topics to research for my professors, and think about what I'm learning.  I like digging deeply into hard topics, and I've got the skills to do it well.  For sure and certain, the Bible I'm studying has hard topics and plenty that's difficult to understand.  So I want to put my research skills and love of learning to good use, by untangling some of those hard topics as well as I can and then writing about them in such a way that other people can understand them better too.