Stories from a life in progress.

A matter of perspective

A couple weeks ago I wrote about reading the entire Bible and my reasons for doing it. I included a picture to show my progress as of that date.

As of today, here’s my current progress.

Not very impressive.

Or at least, not very impressive compared to where I thought I’d be by this point. Which is the story of my summer so far.

I thought I’d be much farther along toward completing the Bible. I thought I’d be happily working away through my big translation project. I thought I’d be working steadily down my big stack of books.

Instead, I’ve completed ONE book (a little bitty book) and started a second. I’ve translated all of one verse. I’ve only crossed off two new books on my chart and knocked out the rest of Ezekiel.

Okay, fine, I finished Jude too.  JUDE IS SMALL BUT HE IS MIGHTY.

Okay, fine, I finished Jude too.  JUDE IS SMALL BUT HE IS MIGHTY.

This is the part where I really have to confront my expectations out loud.

I thought I’d be a lot farther along on some things, based on approximately zero pieces of evidence that such progress was possible. Sheer imagination, that's what I have to back that idea up. It was what I wanted to do, that’s all, and I translated that into expectation for what would actually happen.

This is often the part where I get really discouraged and hard on myself. But this time, I'm leaning on my experience that this is not a practical, fruitful, useful tactic.

It’s hard for me to remember accomplishments. My mind goes so much more easily toward the work I still want to do. So I have to make a hard point of remembering that I have actually been working on things since the beginning of June.

  • I have written and posted to this-here blog more regularly than in a long time.
  • Many of those posts took more time and work than I anticipated, but I think the time and work was worth it.
  • I’ve been pursuing other things I really wanted to do this summer, like get up nearly every morning and take a walk first thing.
  • I’ve been knocked around by some unexpected struggles with anxiety, which are such a terrible brain- and energy-suck.
  • I’ve had some unexpected time taken up by good stuff, like spending time with family

Oh, and by the way:

  • I HAVE FINISHED entire books of the Bible, which constitutes real, actual progress
  • I HAVE FINISHED an entire book from my stack of reading
  • I HAVE TRANLATED the first verse of my word study project, along with reviewing some necessary parts of Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.

Not very impressive? Shush, me. Shush and stoppit. Look at the right pile, the pile of things done and in progress, and be encouraged, and keep working.