Stories from a life in progress.

The hump

There's always a hump to get over, when I come back to this blog.

The hump of not knowing what to say.  The hump of feeling sheepish for being away so long, again, when I never intend to be.

The hump that makes me feel like I'm no good at this; the one that makes all the words hard to assemble and the ideas feel drowned in molasses.

Starting is always hardest, and I know after starting it gets easier. But starting is often so hard I can't get past it.  Even though I tell myself this is the most important thing, the thing I want to make my "real" work, the way I hope to encourage and help people.

Writing is one of my best gifts.  The starting-hump makes me shut up and not use it.

There's no elegant way to get across.  Never is.

The only way is to get a run up and go over, however.  However it happens.

Hi, blog.  I'm stumbling over the hump today, to get back here.  Back to this space that matters.