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One down. What's next?

Tonight is my last summer class -- the last session of my first class as a seminary student.  One class session, then finishing a final by next week, and I'm done.


I'm not even sure I ever wrote here that I was starting my seminary studies this summer.  I thought that I would write about it all along, this new adventure, and then I completely failed to do that thing.  Oops?

It's been a full summer, I give myself that.  Evangelical Seminary offers its beginner-level language classes as summer intensives, so I've been busy stuffing Hebrew words and grammar into my head, classes twice a week, constant homework and memorization.  I've had some other things on my mind.

But the point of doing that work is to be able to do this work.  All summer I've had ideas for things to blog about, stuff I want to explore and write and talk about, and I haven't made a point of doing it.  Things I see in the Bible, things I see in the language, in culture, philosophy, theology, all over the place.

This work, this writing matters too.  So I want to stop completely failing to do it.

One class down.  More starting in a few weeks.

One new blog post written.  More coming here too.  It's past time, so let's go.