Stories from a life in progress.

Gaining and losing (and re-gaining)

I've been making some changes to my blog, with guidance from the Clumsy Bloggers course by Micah J. Murray.  (I've only just started working through the material, so ask me in a few weeks if you want a real opinion.  I am using it to edit things already though, so there's that!)  Yesterday I rewrote and redesigned my "About" page, and I'm much happier with it.

I noticed something after the fact, though.  I tried to think of the most relevant and significant things about myself, to give my kind readers some sense of who I am, and I never thought to mention music.  (You can go look.  Music isn't in there.)

There was a time when music would have been top of the list -- maybe the only thing I would think to put ON the list, the only thing I considered actually significant about myself.  Music-related activities were all I basically did through high school and college.  I've played a good handful of different instruments and done a lot of singing in my time.  I LOVED making music.

LOVE, I mean.  I LOVE making music.  Even though it seems like I never do it anymore.

I used to be one of the leaders of my church music team, but that ended when I left my childhood church.  I belonged to a really fun community choir for a few years, but the commute for practices got to be too much.

I barely even sing to myself anymore.  Days go by when I don't even pick up my iPod and listen to anything.  I don't think about it.

How do we DO this to ourselves?  Just up and lose track of things that are so important to us?

This is one I can do something about.  My current church has a fantastic music ministry, and tons of people participate in all kinds of ways.  I've contributed one or two pieces of music for services, but not for a year or two.

I know who's in charge of coordinating that program.  I know there's always room for one more.

Excuse me, folks.  I need to go write an email.  It's time to reclaim part of myself.