Stories from a life in progress.

I've been here before

You know the other thing giving me hope and and measure of peace this week?  Besides recognizing that my money isn't my money anyway?

This is the second meltdown I've experienced this month.  I didn't write about the first one.  But it happened before I created my bolt-hole, the office space I'm using now.  It happened when a bundle of personal and family pressures all combined into a big ball of misery and forced me to make some changes.

My sense of personal history (even recent personal history) is terrible, but I think it's been three weeks.  Three weeks since March Meltdown Number One, and things have been so much better since then.  I had a miserable few days, but a ton of good has come out of it.

So I'm hopeful.  I think Jesus is behind everything that's going on now, just like I think he was behind what went on at the beginning of the month.  He's making change happen in places I couldn't make it happen myself.

I think this must just be what it looks like sometimes, when Jesus makes everything new.