Stories from a life in progress.

Once and done

I've been dithering about making a Facebook page for my writing for ages.  I've put it on my to-do list and then taken it off (or given up on lists completely), gone into Facebook to do it and then left before I started, researched pages online and gotten confused by conflicting advice, and overall have just not gotten to grips with this.

It's one example of a broad tendency for me.  I want to do things ONCE, and CORRECTLY.  I don't want to either feel like or look like a clueless goofball, so I dither.  I put off starting things.  I never get around to all the research I intend to do.  Doing the research makes me feel clueless, so I manage not to do it.

It doesn't help.  This is really not the way to go.

An iPad game, of all things, is pushing me on this right now.  I'm a big fan of NimbleBit and I play several of their games, including Tiny Tower, Nimble Quest, Pocket Planes, and Pocket Frogs.  I've lately picked up Pocket Trains for a new distraction.  I MEAN, challenge.  I MEAN, legitimate blog post example.  (I'm not really fooling anyone, am I?)

There's a tutorial at the beginning of the game to get you started, but I know this from experience:  the real way to learn the game is to get in there and try stuff.  Buy things.  Sell things.  Build train networks and take them apart and build new ones.  Spend money, use resources, and don't worry too much about wasting things.  It's the only way to really learn how to play.

Do you hear yourself writing this, Crispy?

Try stuff.  Use resources.  Don't be afraid to just start and learn, backtrack and learn, experiment and learn.  It's the only way.