Stories from a life in progress.

A dream

I had a dream the other morning.  Part of a dream; I don't remember the rest of it, but this part is intriguing.

I had a batch of cards, and I was throwing them away.  Probably a periodic cull, because I usually keep cards and letters but eventually they take up too much space and some of them have to go.

I was looking through them before leaving them in a trash can, and I found money in the pile.  I looked farther and found some more.  A couple of dollar bills here, larger bills elsewhere.  I realized at some point I hadn't looked through all of these cards before tossing them, and in looking through them one piece at a time I found more money.  Not in every card, but in some of them.  A dollar here, a couple there.  I found at least one $100 bill.  I found at least one $35 bill too, which my dream self wasn't sure what to make of (my waking self isn't much more certain).  I think I woke up before I finished the job.

I don't try to interpret dreams in a literal, directly-symbolic way.  I don't think they generally work like that.  But I do think the emotional content of them holds true.  They also reflect what's going on in our waking lives -- not all the time, but sometimes.

I remember the surprise in my dream of finding money where I didn't expect to -- though not much surprise, because I've done this very thing in real life, checking cards before I toss them in case something was hidden inside them.  I remember lightly kicking myself for missing these things, and realizing I needed to look in every single card to find what I had missed.

I remember what a relief it was to know I had money to hand.  I remember wishing there was more, but glad there was any at all.

I remember the startled stillness of seeing a large bill in the pile, and the immediate mental prayer of thanks, because of what a difference such a find would make to my real-life finances right now.

I remember my disappointed skepticism over the $35 bill, but on further scrutiny, wondering if it wasn't after all genuine.  I planned to check it and make sure, anyway.  (Maybe denominations in dream-currency run differently than those in real life.  Who knows?)

I remember realizing there was money right to hand, and I didn't even know it -- and that I had been about to throw it away, but fortunately checked just in time.

I remember thinking that God was providing something I needed as a gift, and what a beautiful wonder that was.

I don't fully know what to make of this dream.  But the broad strokes are very intriguing.  They give me hope.