Stories from a life in progress.

Alpha beta

So, I've started learning the Greek alphabet.

After writing about language and thinking about the problems of translation last week, I decided to do something about my niggles.

Not that I really know what I'm doing; I haven't studied any language for decades and I don't know if I have the time or patience to learn one from scratch now.  Plus I know myself well enough not to trust any new determination outright.  I have new ideas all the time.  Every week something else feels like a new and important thing I should pursue.  Not everything sticks.  I don't know if this will.

But I still want to try.  I'd still like to do something.

So I'm learning my Greek letters.  This comes at the start of learning any written language, and the resources are freely available.  All I really need to begin is a list of the letters, their English equivalents, and a pronunciation guide.  I've found all of those and much more besides.

I'm up to iota, the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet, analog to our English letter "i".  So far I'm ignoring capitals and learning the small letters, the letters most text is written in, just as in English.  I'll get to the capitals.  But small letters first.

I'm making a start.  How far will it go?  No idea.  But I'm making the start anyway.