Stories from a life in progress.

Growing Up

Things are changing a little bit around here.  After more than a year of a very plain site, I'm adding a little more architecture, turning on my sidebar and working on what goes in it.

I've been dithering about making these changes for at least a month.  At first I wasn't sure what I'd put on a sidebar, and then once I figured it out I still dithered about doing it.  It's like I'm trying to get too big for my britches, or something.  Like I'm trying to be a grown-up blogger who wants to, like, make a living at this or something.  Isn't that cute?

Except I feel more than ever like the kind of writing I do here really is what I want to make my living on, if there is any way to do it.  From the very beginning I knew my purpose for this blog, and I've lost track of that now and then, but it's never gone away.  It's my job here to stand up in front of everyone, to be forthright with my struggles and then tell the stories that come from them.  That's my assignment here.

I struggle with depression, anxiety, and fear about becoming and staying healthy in multiple ways -- and I'm not the only one.

I get paralyzed by the fear of rejection and worthlessness -- and I'm not the only one.

I'm not the only one.  Because of that, for the sake of all the other women and men who need to hear they aren't the only ones either, I need to push my writing forward.  It's time to change, Crispy.  Time to grow up.