Stories from a life in progress.

Good times

Hello, Monday.  This past Saturday night helped to complete the cure begun by meeting a friend on Wednesday evening; a big group of ladies from my completely awesome martial arts school got together for dinner and then to go hear a couple of great local bands.  It was good, it was SO good to have lots of time to talk with wonderful people and then to soak in some stellar sounds.

Why don't I do this more often?  I am a terrible homebody and I always have been, which is a big part of why.  I am perfectly content, a lot of the time, to amuse myself inside of my own tiny and familiar spaces.  But too much of it gets stifling.  Even the most decided introvert needs a breath of fresh air and new experience sometimes.

Us grownup types can be really bad at this -- doing what we enjoy and what's also good for us.  Oh, it would be fun to go do [insert thing that would be fun to go and do], we say, and then we don't do it.  There are responsibilities, you see, and work to think about, and something that we probably should take care of, even though it feels a lot like drudgery.

I will always need lots of quiet time and time alone, but I really don't need that ALL of the time.  Go play more, Crispy.  Get out and play.