Stories from a life in progress.

Trying something new

Because I've been thinking about momentum, this article I saved ages ago is incredibly relevant for me right now.  I knew when I first read it that it was one I needed to pay attention to, but at the time I was too distracted by who-knows-what, so I bookmarked it for later.

It's later.  I need this one now.

For ages I have fought with myself over how to be productive, wobbling back and forth between different methods that never stuck.  At the same time, I can goof off for hours, often worrying about what I ought to be doing but not getting to work because I'm already involved in something else and it's hard to get working when you don't really know what to do anyway.

For someone who wants to write for a living, I do incredibly little writing sometimes.  That's a terrible idea.

For someone who knows how desperately important journal-time, prayer-time, Bible-time are for her health and well-being, I let them slip really easily.

Other things bug me too.  How little exercise I get and the state my body is in as a result.  Not doing more chores to keep up the house.  Not keeping up with my own clutter.

Making a "momentum list" feels like the right thing to do now, the right idea at the right time.  So I will try it.  I have a list of six things that must be done every day except Sunday; I haven't decided yet if Sunday will be completely free of obligations or if I will keep one or two of the personally-important ones while shedding all of the work-important ones.

Until the list is done, no visiting social media.  No goofing around with my iPad.  No video.  Those are the worst time-wasting culprits right now.

I'm not sure if I've set myself a change of the right size, one I can make stick.  So this system is on trial through next Friday, January 9.  Ten days to give it a whirl and see what happens, then evaluate.

I don't know how this will go.  Shall we find out?