Stories from a life in progress.

Reality check

So, yesterday I wrote about feeling insignificant and unmemorable.

And then I got an email from

Once upon a time, before I ever started a blog or took writing seriously, I wrote a handful of fanfiction pieces.  Sometimes on my own, sometimes in collaboration with a good friend.  We had a small website to publish them, but also put them up on general fanfiction sites like

It's been years since I even thought about those pieces, really.  But they're still posted.  Yesterday someone found one and added it to their favorites, so the system sent me an email to tell me.

I wrote a short, fun story years ago, totally forgot about it, never publicized it, and today it's reaching someone.

If I make a point of writing, and connecting with people, and pushing work out into the world, how can I think that won't mean anything?