Stories from a life in progress.

Boundaries, stretched

Last week in taiji class my primary coach talked to us about the need to think past your boundaries, in taiji movement and in the ways we live all the time, and it made my little brain frizzle with implications and inspiration.  I may have more to say about that soon.  But as a practical matter, because I was inspired and motivated, I tried pushing on two boundaries.

My family went camping over the weekend, and for the first time, I drove my father's enormous RV.  I've scarcely ever driven a large pickup truck, and this is by far the biggest vehicle I've ever taken responsibility for piloting on any road system, tiny back roads or interstate highways.  It went well.  I didn't run anyone off the road because I couldn't find them in my mirrors (using the mirrors is SO DIFFERENT than in my little car), and I didn't run into anything at all.  Not even that one guy who was asking for it.  Boundary stretched.

When we got to the campground and set up, some family local to that area came to visit for the evening, and the kids were riding around on their bikes and whatnot.  Smiley Boy took along his little scooter, one of the whoosits that is a simple platform with a wheel at either end and a handle sticking up with a crossbar to hold onto, and which I've seen kids whizzing back and forth on at this very campsite, absolutely flying along, balancing with ease and grace and poise and all of that nonsense kids don't give a fig about anyway.  Smiley Boy was riding his bike, so I tried riding his scooter, just to see what it felt like.  Wobbly, but okay. 

I went a little farther.  I rolled a little faster.

I hit a groove in the pavement and went flying over the front of the thing. 

I got my feet tangled up and landed flat on my face, right on the tarmac.  I earned a swollen, football-sized bruise on my right leg, and sundry other aches and wobbles.

Boundary stretched ... like a big rubber band, just waiting to snap the snot out of me.  Insert cliche of your choice here.  Win some, lose some?  One outta two ain't bad?  Ehh, you can do better.  Use your imagination.  Regardless, I'm sticking with the big wheels from now on.