Stories from a life in progress.

Meandering thoughts

It's true that creative work needs to be pursued every day.  I'm getting reminded of the effects of not doing the work daily, because I haven't been writing in this-here blog space regularly.  If I needed to excuse myself, I'd say I've been preoccupied with something important, which is the new job that I'm still excited about and keenly focused on.  But I've let the writing-every-day-here-on-the-blog slip, and today I feel like I'm back at square one: the place where I have no idea what to talk about.  I've had plenty of time today to write a blog post or three (I've got some catching up to do), but no writing.

This is a problem I'm familiar with, and I suppose I'm not the only one who is.  It's hard to pursue multiple goals at one time.  I get involved with something new and lose the thread of what I was just doing, even if it is important.  I rely too much on my brain to keep track of my important things, and it can only hold on to so much at one time.  Whatever the newest, shiniest thing is, that's what it wants to hold on to.

I keep thinking (and this is a boggling thought) that I seem to be in the process of turning my hope to be a writer into an actual venture, like maybe one that will have a real business built around it, and if I want to be successful at that I'm going to have to keep track of important things and not let them slip.  It's kind of a comforting thought that I'm already running into that problem and I can start wrangling it now.  Because the idea of having an actual self-employed business whatsit is too big for me to get my brain around just yet.  I think about that, and feel mildly terrified in a really excited kind of way.  I sort of want to let that sink in a little farther, but I also want to get to work and get stuff done.  I'm a working girl now.  Can't sit around all day.  Chop-chop, hop to it, Crispy.

Hop to WHAT exactly, I'm not sure.  But hop to figuring it out, at least!

My mind is meandering today, and it seems this writing is too.  But I've done it: gotten started, wrote a thing, put it on my blog.  When in doubt, do some work.  At least I know how to do that much.  I know it's important.  Hopefully that knowledge will carry me through a lot of the rest.