Stories from a life in progress.

Get on with it

I've been dithering a bit in finishing off the review of my bookshelves, which also contain part of my DVD collection.  A great part of my hesitation is actually about whether or not to make the list public.

I sort of want to have a record of what I'm letting go of, to see the scale of possessions which I'm letting go of.  I sort of want it to be public, and it's harder to articulate why.  Partly, I'd like to sell or give away a bunch of stuff.  Easier to advertise when it's all in one place.  But on the other hand, I feel like it's egocentric, or showing off, or ... I'm not sure what.  I don't fully trust my motivations.

When in doubt, pick something and get on with it.  I'm publishing the list here.  It will keep growing as I keep reviewing and culling stuff.

I don't often invite comment on what I write (though comments are always welcome), but tonight I will.  I'm curious how people see a list like this:  am I egocentric, or honest, or brave, or greedy, or something else?  Am I thinking about it too hard and people don't really care what I do?  If you have a moment, kind reader, I'd appreciate hearing from you.