Stories from a life in progress.

Wait for me!

This blogging-until-the-end-of-the-year idea has been going fairly well, I think. I've been behind a day or three ever since the family cabin trip back in June, but I haven't slipped farther behind. I may not post every day, but then I knew it was unlikely I'd manage that and therefore it's not in the rules and no problem.

Today is day number 25, the last day on the first page of my tracking chart. I had wanted to catch up by today. Instead, I have been turned around and confused by an odd week; holiday time, Smiley boy here and gone at strange times, my Dad away to work at unusual times, the house quiet when it normally isn't and loud sometimes when it ought not ... My sleep has been a little off, and I have been devouring books, reading them in enormous chunks at a time, straining my eyes with tiredness and still unwilling to put a story down and leave it until later. There hasn't been drama, but it's still been an odd week.

I only realized today that I haven't written and posted anything since Tuesday. Tuesday! What on earth am I doing, neglecting things here so long?

Tonight I feel like a traveler in an adventure, running after a bus or a train or a tiny little airplane on a rough landing strip made out of a field (for the drama, you know) yelling "WAIT! I'M COMING, WAIT!" Don't leave me in the dust, blogging challenge! I'm behind, but I'm still here, I'm racing to catch you up, choking on dust and holding my silly wannabe explorer hat on my head, yelling WAIT!

I've caught my blog by the tail tonight -- it hasn't left me in the dust today. Whew. Now I've a chance to catch my breath and keep running tomorrow.