Stories from a life in progress.

The kid's a natural

"Do you HAVE to do more work?"

Smiley Boy doesn't think this new-job business is a very good idea.  It soaks up so much time that I could use to play with him instead.  So I hear this question pretty often from the four-year-old.

"I have just one more story to write today.  Do you want to write it for me!"

"No!  I don't like work!"

"How do you know?  You've never tried to do this work."

"Well, I like typing..."

"This work is ALL typing.  Here, you try some."

Smiley Boy jumped up on my lap and I started a blank Word document, and he took his first crack at doing typing work.  Here's what he produced:

"Hgjdfsjyhdfguye352t7uywsgxuzknkjm nz,mxdnbsjnmxsjyjxmkxngjjbsmxs,sxm..mfnjcvmfcvnf nnbjfvngbngfhvjmcjcnfjvngjvhvhfbfngcjddcnfmvnnbvbhgvbghggvgvbfhf mnnfng v ngnbfnvngngmgmgggfhgnn nnfvbfhbhhgfbnvbfngnvbgnvjhfghtk bgmjrkgh5uffmftfrkggjthdebsywhyjfrjujkhhjgjhrjhrjrrhfhfhfg hhxhhtj jfhtjhghf  njjfjgjgjh jgjjjbhgjjgvhjjhjjhb gjvhgjngjghjg  mgnjgjytjjjguiyj gmnjthhghymbgjg jfrjfrhjfruti5uhfuj6uujtiyi59i566o6ioi05irofkllmjkjkhjhjv"

That's some quality typing, right there.  He did it fast, too.  Shall I submit it to my editor?  I think she'd be pleased, although she might like him to up the spaces-to-letters ratio.  Also to use more actual words.  But, you know, early days.  It's a start.  When it comes to typing, the kid's a natural.