Stories from a life in progress.

The story continues

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore, and I especially don't watch dramas. I don't need to feed my nerves the extra tension. Things that make me laugh are a lot healthier.

One of my go-to sources of light entertainment is the UK version of Top Gear. Not because I'm interested much in cars, but because they make good stories. They turn cars into characters and make up stories with them.

Last night I turned on an old episode via Netflix, one with a challenge to make a fairly slow car into a fairly fast car, and as often happens, it didn't go according to plan. A lot of their stories and challenges turn out that way. "Ambitious, but rubbish" is the phrase they typically use to characterize their efforts: lots of big goals, not a lot of them successfully completed.

But the REAL goal, the goal of that whole team trying to create a successful and entertaining TV show, is met quite often. Make a good story.

Stories aren't very interesting when everything goes according to plan. It's the dramatic ups and downs that get our attention. It's wondering whether or not it's all going to turn out well in the end.

This blog is a story. This life is a story. I kind of hope it's turning into a more interesting one. But that means there are going to be dramatic ups and downs in it. No avoiding that.

The falls hurt more in real life. It's harder to have to wait on events to find out what happens, instead of turning the next page of a book or watching the next segment on TV. But that's how living stories work, I guess.

It's a new day. The story continues.