Stories from a life in progress.


You never know where the next bit of inspiration is going to come from.

I've just picked up a game called Tiny Wings HD for my iPad.  It features small round birds with tiny wings, who use the landscape to help them fly.  They slide down into deep valleys and let the upswing of the opposite hillside launch them into the air.  (Instead of listening to me fumble around and try to explain it, you can watch a trailer video here, or pick up the game itself here.)

I'm not very good at playing yet.  I'm still trying to get a feel for the game's timing and momentum.  But it still makes me happy.  The very first time I played it, this game gave me the biggest grin.  The music makes me happy.  The charming wee birds make me happy.  The rare times I manage to fling them high up into the sky, through the cloud layer, make me happy.

Most of all, though, I love the moments when the wee bird in single-player mode needs to fly from one island to the next.  He dives down a huge hill, hits the ramping slope at the bottom, and soars high, tiny wings spread and beak wide open, with an utterly joyful cry of "Yaaaaahoooooooo!"

Every time I hear this, my heart lifts.  It's just a silly little bird in a silly, charming, fun game, but it says something I need to hear.  I want to be like this little bird: taking what comes, riding life's ups and downs, walking cheerfully out of valleys when I need to, and loving the moments when I can fling myself gleefully, joyfully onward.  Yahoo!