Stories from a life in progress.

Peace and quiet

Smiley Boy is beyond tired today.  He would never admit it, but he is.  He's much more inclined to drift to a stop today and watch a bit of TV than he is to charge around the house, making up stories and running races with his cars and toys.

Smiley Boy's standard response to tiredness is to be more spastic.  He plays harder, runs faster.  Anything to stay awake.  He knows instinctively that stopping is dangerous; stop too long and he'll conk out.  Can't have that, sleeping is no fun!  Naps are for wimps!

I sort of can't blame him.  I'm told that I never wanted to take a nap when I was a kid either.  There's so much going on!  I might miss something!

I still can't blame him, because I do the same thing now I'm a grownup.  Not so much with naps; I like naps a lot more now than I did when I was a kid.  But I can't always tell what I need.  Sometimes when I've had enough of something, I keep doing more of it.  I can't tell that I've had enough.  I can tell I want something, but the signals are crossed and I can't see what I really need is to stop and do something else.

I'm overstimulated this week too, just like Smiley Boy.  I've spent several days waiting for various pieces of news.  I've sent people messages and had to be patient for longer than I wanted until I got answers.  I've written about some big, difficult stuff.  I've also been distracting myself a lot.  Watching TV, surfing YouTube, skimming books, stuffing my head with noise and clattering ideas.

It would be pretty easy to sign off this post and turn the TV on, just for noise.  Just to keep distracting myself.  But I'm tired of noise and clatter.  Even I need a break from words sometimes.  What I really need is peace and quiet.  I think I'll go have some.

Maybe I'll even take a nap.