Stories from a life in progress.

An object lesson

When I thought about writing every weekday until the end of the year, it sounded like an awfully big task.  I wasn't sure I wanted to, and when I finally decided to do it part of the reason was actually the bigness.  I wanted a big challenge.

Weirdly then, this picture doesn't give me a sense of overwhelming bigness at all.


This is the map I'm using to track this challenge.  It's simpler and less whimsical than the 40-day writing game map, but the underlying idea is exactly the same.  One square for every day.  Color in the squares as I write and post.

There are 150 squares, which still feels like a big number when I speak it or write it.  But when I look at it graphically, each step mapped out individually, all of them put into context ... it just doesn't.  It doesn't feel as big.  Not nearly as daunting.  I keep being a little bit surprised by that.

Here's a reminder of important lessons: break big challenges up into small bites, and find ways to make big, scary jobs feel smaller and less scary.

Even more, don't just imagine that something might work, or worse, assume it won't work and don't bother.  Try things out practically.  I had no idea this chart would help me in this way, but here it is, giving me confidence I'll beat this big new challenge yet.