Stories from a life in progress.

Vacation, then vacation

Yesterday I came home from a long weekend trip with family, one of our annual jaunts up north to a tiny, rough cabin among steep wooded hills. It's one of the few times my close family all gets together, and we look forward to it immensely.

Though, with 12 people in a 20'x30' cabin for four days, it's the kind of vacation a serious introvert needs a vacation to recover from. I love my family, but I require some peace and quiet for the sake of sanity.

So it's been a gentle day here, around helping to look after Smiley Boy (who was also tired today, from all of his weekend adventures). I'm late to my keyboard, and I don't really care. Yay me, for writing something to post at all.

The weekend gave me some big things to think about though, and I will write about those soon. After I soak in a little more quiet, in this room I'm sitting in all by myself. Ahhh.