Stories from a life in progress.


Yesterday afternoon I put chicken in the oven for supper.

In the evening Smiley Boy wanted to play with his bowling set.  His parents were both working late, so he was with us much later than usual.  So we bowled and kept ourselves occupied until time for him to go home.

After Smiley Boy went home, I helped with the washing up of supper dishes.

Today was a preschool day, so I picked the kiddo up from school, and played with him while Grammy made lunch.  I got the benefit of extra hugs.

There's class tonight and I'll be away in the afternoon, but maybe when I get home there will be more chores to do.

My subjective sense of life is that it is not awesome now, and I don't know when that may change.  But being useful helps.  Distraction and productivity together.  If I can't quite pick myself up, I'll pick up what I can around me, whatever little it is.

Being helpful helps.