Stories from a life in progress.

Woken up

My family and I spent the first half of December traveling.  First several days at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and then a week at Disney World in Florida, with a few days of driving a motor home in between.  It was lovely to get away, and to have the freedom to get away.  I traveled with my parents, who are retired and have the choice of taking trips when they want to.  Not having an office to check into every day means I could go along and keep up with some work on the road.

I had a really fun time, spending time with people I love and seeing places which were either brand new to me or familiar and appreciated.  It reminded me of something that I always know when I travel, and which I completely forget in between times:  traveling wakes me up.  It shows me the world with fresh eyes.  Even after coming home from this trip, for a few days the world was all fresh again.  I felt different.  I felt like I could BE different.

It's worn off now, for the most part.  I've been here long enough to remember that actual change takes work, not just being away and feeling good for a while.  Still, I haven't all forgotten.  I like that feeling of being woken up, actually seeing the world I'm in rather than skimming across the surface, too deep in my thoughts to pay attention.

When I first came home, I told myself that I need to make a point of seeing new things more often.  If I can't travel to a whole different place, I can at least make a point of breaking out of my regular tracks now and then.  That takes more intention and, frankly, courage than I normally apply.  But it's good for me.  It would be good for me to do it, I feel certain it would.  I don't know yet if I can make it happen.

Here's a pin in a good idea, then.  An out-loud announcement of an idea I know would help me: experience new things more often.  Engage in activity that wakes me up.  If anyone wants to get on my case about that, please feel free.  I could use the help.