Stories from a life in progress.

40 days

Forty is a number which appears again and again in the bible.  It's often attached to a period of testing or preparation, leading to transformative change.

Noah rode out a storm lasting 40 days and nights.  The people of Israel lived in the desert for 40 years between gaining their freedom from Egypt and entering their promised homeland.  Moses climbed a mountain and waited 40 days for God's covenant.  Jesus wandered alone, fasting, for 40 days after his baptism.  There are many others.

When I set a challenge for myself, 40 felt like the right number.  40 days.  40 posts.

I cheated, a little.  Mine have not been a constant 40 days.  It has taken eight weeks for me to unreel my challenge, with intentional days to rest.  But 40 still seemed like a big number at the beginning.  It's difficult to remember now how large it seemed, or to remember everything which has changed since.  It's been an eventful two months.

Forty days of testing?  Forty days of preparation, and then transformative change?

I don't know.  I can't say I feel any different today, any more transformed than on any ordinary day.  But there's been much change and more will come.  I want to ride those changes well, better than I have handled many in the past.

I don't know if this is what transformation looks like, or feels like.  What I know is, this is post 40.  The 40-day writing game is over, and I win.