Stories from a life in progress.

In praise of silly cat photos

One of my online homes has a corner dedicated specifically to happinesses -- writing and reading things that make people in that community happy. Big happinesses, small happinesses, all kinds of happy things get posted there.

One or two of the regular denizens there is regular about digging up pictures of cute things and posting them in the happy corner, which gives many people opportunity to giggle over them, me included. One of them, a very silly cat photo, has just become the background screen of my iPad. I only changed it a couple of hours ago, and still expect to see the picture I've used for a long time as background -- so every time I wake up the screen, I snorfle yet again at the surprise of a very silly cat.

That photo, and many other cat and kitten photos, I've picked out and passed along to a friend from a different corner of the internet, who loves cats and kittens. She has been exceptionally busy for the last few months, and sending something funny or cute or clever is a way to drop a little bit of lightness into her hectic days. She trades me back pictures of many silly things found online, plus pictures and stories of the foster kittens she is in regular contact with.

Big gifts are awesome because of the magnitude of love and intention they incorporate.

Tiny gifts are awesome because they fit into all the corners of our lives, chances to smile or laugh or just be grateful for a second or two. Tiny gifts can be numerous; tiny gifts can be spontaneous; tiny gifts are easily shared. Tiny gifts can be passed on and on and on.

Including the ones which come in the shape of silly cat photos.