Stories from a life in progress.

What to do now?

I find it more than a little ironic that immediately after I write about making a point of keeping up with the 40-day writing game, I immediately missed another day. Oops.

Not really oops, though, because yesterday was exceptionally full and I was busy with other, good, useful things. I did some good journal-writing in the morning, but then the rest of the day was a big whoosh of activity, and no blog post. So it goes.

I'm not busy today. I'm tired. I'm simply disinclined to do anything. So I have a quandary. Do I try to push on and keep doing more useful things, or do I take a break and stop acting useful for a while?

I never know how to answer this question. I never feel like it's quite legitimate to stop and take a nap, or sit with some knitting, or go read a book, when other people are still working. Now I'm living with other people, there's always something going on until later in the evening.

But yesterday I was active all day, including Christmas shopping, and not home until late. This morning I went along with family to Smiley Boy's preschool Christmas program. At lunchtime I was starving, but couldn't think of anything to eat. That's a bad sign. I didn't manage to get lunch until nearer 2:00.

I want to work and I need to rest, and I never know how to balance these things. It's all the more difficult with special things going on, holidays and parties and people to visit. Those take all the more energy to do, however much fun. And I feel like I'm already short on energy, still trying to settle into life in a different home and also dealing with the lingering process of moving.

I've done my duty by the 40-day challenge and written something; still a day behind, but so be it. I think my most important duty right now is to myself, to go try and sleep for a bit, and if I can't sleep then to relax with some yarn, and leave all the useful things for later this afternoon or tomorrow. Cliches about marathons and sprints come to mind, but I'll let you recite them for yourself. Cozy pillows, here I come.