Stories from a life in progress.


One of my chores today is catching up on overdue filing, since I had a big loose pile of envelopes at my apartment waiting to be unstuffed and to have the contents re-stuffed in appropriate folders.  I don't have space to spare for them here and I really don't want to look at them every day, so I'm settling down to do the unstuffing and re-stuffing I've avoided.

(As a quirky side note, it's strange that I mind this work a lot less when I'm doing it for my Dad, with <em>his</em> pile of unstuffed envelopes and unrecorded receipts.  Maybe he would rather do mine for me?)

My file drawer is a little cramped, so this morning I started by reclaiming space, and I'll confess I began at the easiest place: my folders containing cards and pictures.  I've been stuffing cards in these for years, inside their envelopes; I don't really need to waste filing space on envelopes, so I took the cards out of the envelopes and threw the extra paper away.  And while I was at it, I used the opportunity to look at the cards again, to see if I wanted to keep them all or not, and also look at the pictures stuffed in these folders too.

I've acquired a much bigger stack of these than I had realized, since they went in a few at a time.  Most of the pictures are either pictures of Smiley Boy, or pictures of my niece Pigtail Girl, from birthdays and other special occasions.  It was delightful to work backwards through the years, seeing these two lovely kids again in all their stages of development, back to when they were both wee things, tiny people who we had only just met.  The cards are from a broader range of people, family and friends.  There are notes in some of them, and a few letters, and I thought about all of these wonderful people and their kindness to send me cards for holidays and birthdays and sometimes just because.

The rest of the filing is much more dull and depressing, financial statements and similar important nonsense.  I'm glad I took the time first to look at the good stuff, and fill my spirit up with love and gratitude.