Stories from a life in progress.


Everything is a choice. Even things I don't think are choices, are choices.

Do I need to get a job? No I don't. I could be a panhandler. I could wander off into the woods and starve. I could mooch off my family or anyone else who would let me. I could do things that don't involve having a job.

Do I need to live in a healthy way? No. I don't need to eat healthy food or do any exercising at all. I don't need to make healthy choices in any respect. I could get sick and not do anything about it. I could cover up my pain with whatever means I could find. I could let myself molder in any number of ways. I could choose to do that.

Everything is a choice. I don't have to do anything. I am an adult human and that comes with a great deal of freedom. All the things I normally fight with, thinking I "have to" do them and not wanting to, are not things I "have to" do at all. I simply will or won't, and either one carries its own consequences. Either one will play out in its own way, and lead to a new set of choices, and on and on. That's all.

What choices face me today, and what consequences am I willing to accept? Even more important, what outcomes do I actually want? That's how I'm thinking about my particular set of problems and possibilities today.