Stories from a life in progress.

Something old, something new

Today I'm sitting in a new chair at a new desk, looking out a new window in a new room while I write today's post.

Actually, none of that is precisely true. I've sat in this very same chair before and this very same desk; I grew up in this room, and have looked out this window many times. The only "new" thing in this situation is the iPad and wireless keyboard I'm using to write, and those are both years old, therefore not really new either.

It's a lot of old items restored to a former space, and me installed in among them -- but a new me, a several-years-farther-along me, a me who has so many different ideas about myself and the world and my place in it, a me who has been beaten on terribly and who has grown up a little because of it. It's a me who can take on a 40-day writing challenge and keep it going to day 26. It's a me who is starting to believe that I matter in the world and that my actions can change things.

Some things old, some things new. Watch this space.