Stories from a life in progress.


I'm moving really slowly today, and the culprit is an old familiar one. I've been plagued with sinus problems for just about as long as I can remember -- nothing exotic, just the ordinary raft of issues people tend to get. Hay fever and so on. So I ought to be familiar with how a stuffy head affects me.

The weird thing is, sinus pressure and headaches are sometimes the hardest thing for me to detect. I can stumble around for half a day, feeling grumpy, and not figure out that I actually have a mild sinus headache. Once I notice I can take action to help myself. But I have to see the problem first. And this particular problem leans on my thinking in such a way that hinders my ability to find and fix it.

How many of the worst problems in life are like that? They exert a subtle, hard pressure on us, in just such a way that we can't even see them clearly, let alone fight them effectively. Not only physical problems, but emotional, psychological, social, and others too.

There's more to say and think about here, and I will. Right now, though, my eyes are crossing and my brain is fumbling. Now I've spotted today's problem, it's time to fight it: lots of water and a nap.