Stories from a life in progress.

Blessed days

Today's the sort of day when I write up my list of what I'd like to do ... and <em>then</em> start remembering all of the extra things that mean I'll have less time and attention than I first thought.  And <em>then</em> start hearing about the extra, unexpected things that also need to fit in.

I get frustrated with having my plans pulled out from under me.  I always feel better if I have an idea ahead of time about what I need to do and what I need to think about.  I'm reminding myself that all of my forgotten and unexpected interruptions are good things -- some of the best things.  I get to have extra time with my nephew, sharing a Thanksgiving event at his preschool.  I get to work with the counselor who has done so much to help me learn about myself and grow past hard sticking points.  I get to "play" with my taiji class this evening, working on hard choreography that is finally, finally starting to click.  Interruptions of the best sort.

I'm tempted sometimes to call a day like this a mess.  The truth is, today is full of blessings.  I'm going to step out and enjoy them.