Stories from a life in progress.


Game board, day 10

Today is day 10 of my 40-day blogging challenge, and posting this entry means I'm 1/4 of the way through.  I'm so pleased I've made it this far -- too many such challenges have failed long before this.

Ten feels like a landmark number, and I drew it as such on my game board (along with 20, 30, and 40).  It feels like I should have earned something for getting this far, some kind of reward, but here I get stuck.  I think in general terms about the idea of rewards, but when it comes to actually giving them to myself I never really do it.  I can't think of what I'd like to have for a reward, or I just don't think about it much at all, past "maybe I should give myself a reward for finishing that."

I hear that celebrating accomplishments is important, and I'm not very good at doing it.  Having something to look forward to helps pull one through the tough parts of any big project, and so I'm thinking harder about rewards today.  If you're reading along with this story, help me out?  Do you give yourself rewards for accomplishments, and how do you pick?  What do you think about rewards?  Leave me a comment to let me know, and have a great weekend!